Thursday, December 29, 2011

IBS + thongs = badness

In case you didn't know wearing a thong and having irritable bowel syndrome can only end poorly. Of course this mainly concerns women and those men who choose to be "creative." In case you're not familiar with IBS you might want to refer to this article which gives a little info on the subject. But for a general overview of the topic (and what I'm referring to) all you really need to know is that it can make you have to poop as quickly as a thief in the night comes and steals your crap. So basically some people have the propensity to poop on themselves. Such as yours truly. It finally occurred to me today however that wearing a thong is not the best idea for me.

A more convenient (and stylish) form of undergarment for an IBS-er.

Now I only wear the stringy pieces of junk if I'm out of full butt underwear which I happen to be. Well even in full butt undies you can still let a little slip even if you do clasp your cheeks as hard as you can all the way to the toilet. However, if you're wearing a thong you've got about an inch and a half less room to work with since we all know thongs are just self inflicted wedgies. You're just so much more likely to have spillage in a thong! Which is very frustrating and quite inconvenient just like IBS. I have already run (really just waddled since that is what happens while running/ trying to clench your butt cheeks together) to the bathroom three times today in order to prevent a leak. Can we all just sing a chorus of NOT FUN!? So bottom line is that full butt underwear should be utilized at all times in order to somewhat prevent doo doo from ruining your undies if you've got the IBS.

However its not the worlds worst disease (By FAR) so really that's all I have to complain about it.

And just in case you also didn't know there IS such a thing as a disposable thong. Read about it here.

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